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Insurance Information:

Arete Rehab, PLLC is considered  ‘Out-of-Network’ with all insurance companies with the exception of Medicare. Therefore, even though payment is due at the time of service, a percentage of out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed to you directly from your insurance carrier.

Learn how Arete Rehab will help facilitate this reimbursement...

Arete Rehab will help facilitate this reimbursement by providing you with a ‘Super Bill’ that you can send in to your insurance company. Arete Rehab strongly suggests that you call your insurance carrier in advance to find out what your ‘out of network’ benefits are!

Medicare recipients need to understand their benefits, copays, and deductibles. While, Arete Rehab, will complete an eligibility check, it is always helpful to understand you Insurance benefits. Medicare will not cover certain services that are provided at Arete Rehab. Some of these services include but not limited to: Massage, Cranial Sacral treatments, and Dry Needling. An Advanced Beneficiary Notice will be signed by all Medicare clients  at the initial visit to recognize that these services are not covered by medicare.

All sessions at Arete Rehab are 60-90 minutes, and one-to-one for direct attention and focus on your problem. Our goals is to provide the best care to you for quick healing and sustained recovery!

Arete Rehab, PLLC
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